About us

For years now, the two of us have always been bouncing ideas off of one another, longing to create something of our own. Then came the summer of 2019 when we went to spend the holidays in Turkey and while there, fell in love with the food, culture, people and most importantly, the jewelry! All of our souvenirs for our family and friends back home were different and unique pieces bought at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul or on the streets of Bodrum. When we came back home and shared the beautiful pieces with our loved ones, we realized how much beauty and talent there was in Eastern Jewelry and therein began the journey of Love East.

Through Love East, we hope to bring you unique handmade pieces from the Eastern World that highlight history, tradition, and heritage while at the same time, are modern and refreshing for your everyday look. We want to represent the delicate but strong woman, the traditional but fierce, the accessorized but effortless. We want to bring you pieces that will allow you to wear your roots close to your heart and your heart on your sleeve.

All our jewelry is pure solid sterling silver, gold plated & handmade to order in Turkey and is made especially with you in mind, the woman on the go that deserves high-quality pieces at affordable prices. We hope you find with us traditional pieces that become essential staples in your everyday lives. 

With all our love,
Saba & Jawad
Founders of Love East 

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